Black Metal


The most popular Black Metal band in Europe. They've recorded a demo called Despair, a pre-release tape called Martyrium & an album called The Return of The Black Death. Now, let's talk to Armoth who has something to say.


TBS- Tell us how Antestor got started. Armoth- Vemod (guitar, keyboard), Martyr (vocals), Pilgrim (guitar) and Paul (drums) started playing together in 1990. In '91 they released a demo tape containing 3 songs. In '92 the drummer quit and the band had a break for a year or so. When they started playing again in spring of '93, Armoth was replaced on drums. Later in June, we found ourselves a permanent bass player called Gard. The name Antestor became the name of the band in July, and in August we recorded our first demo under Antestor entitled 'Despair'. The musical style was a mixture between doom and death metal. Throughout the year of '94 we kept making songs and had several concerts. In December '94 we went back into the studio and recorded the new material for the album 'Martyrium'. This was more professionally done and was done in hope of getting signed and having it released on a CD. The musical style was now doomy death metal, with a lot more aggression and atmosphere, and with some influences from black metal. Due to the absence of Armoth  in the first half of 1995, Vemod kept making songs, and in July when Armoth came back, Pilgrim was replaced by Erkebisp, because of different musical interests and influences. As a natural development the music got more and more atmospheric and the style could be described as (atmospheric) sorrow metal. It could as well be described as black metal, but with influences from Norwegian folk music, it gave us our own sad and cold sound. In this period, from January until July 1995, songs of higher quality, both musically and technically, were made, and was the start of a new era for us. In December the same year, Erkebisp announced he was quitting the band, due to other musical interests. He participated on the recording of the 'The Return of the Black Death', before quitting. That material was recorded in February '97, and they spent approx. 90 hours recording and remixing the entire material. In summer '97, several promo-CDs were sent out to different labels, and Cacophonous Records were willing to release the album. The label got in contact with them in the fall, and after a lot of back and forth regarding the contract, they signed a two-album-deal in May/June 1998. The album was released on September 14, 1998. In the beginning of 1999, Martyr left the band due to some internal problems within the band, and a vocalist has not yet been replaced. A permanent keyboard player also joined us that winter, and new songs are being created.

What bands have influenced your sound ? A lot of bands have influenced our sound. The main bands are Satyricon, Burzum, Dark Throne, Dimmu Borgir etc., but also several other bands or artists in different styles have influenced us in one or several ways.

Where you all christians before you've started the band ? Yes. Most of us have been Christians all our lives. Me and Gard accepted Christ when we were in our teens.

Let's Talk about the "The Return of The Black Death" album. Have you got good answers for it ? We have received a lot of positive feddback. The only negative, is the sound. We kind of agree with that, but the sound was supposed to be cold and sad, so the production fitted the music. It could have been better, but we're more or less satisfied with it all.

Do you plain to release another album in the near future ? Martyrium will be released in November, hopefully, so that will be a blast! New material is being made, so in a year or so, a new album might come out, who knows the time!

What do you all do when you don't play with the band ? Any jobs ? I study to become a radiologist and the others are working full time.

What are your favourite bands ? A lot within the black metal genre, but also bands making atmospheric music are among the favorites.

Why the name Antestor ? It is Latin for witness, and since we are witnesses for Christ, we thought it would be a good name.

How do you describe your music style ? It is very atmospheric, it is cold, it is Nordic, it is sad, it is dismal & gloomy, it is triumphant and mighty in a way. It also has a small bit of hope in it.

Any final statements ? Pray for unity within the band, protection, inspiration and God's blessings over the band. Keep us in your prayers, we sure need it! Thanks a lot! -Armoth. Contact: or Antestor, Svein Sander, Ovre vei 1b, 1369 Stabekk, Norway. E-mails are prefered!!!!